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I have been a game developer enthusiast since a very young age and likes to tinker around trying to get fun stuff made. I created this web site as my creative outlet where I can show the world the stuff I've made in a relaxed environment and also try to teach people what I've myself has learned.

My name (as is stated on every page) is Bona Fyrvall. I live in Stockholm, Sweden where I work as a backend programmer at Arrowhead Game Studio. Been a backend programmer since 2013, in a few different fields. The content on this site is not related to my professional career in any way. I've been a programmer most of my life and have tried and experienced a plethora of languages and frameworks, not to mention a plethora of programming paradigms and "best-practices" over the years.

In my spare time I like to make stuff i Unity3D. Have a few packages published in Unity's asset store. I have a feeling most entries posted in this blog will be Unity related as its what I like playing around with the most. Unity coding also results in a lot of visual stuff which is great when comes to show other. I will try to keep the arcane coding to a minimum.

I'm a fan of open-source and will whenever I can release the source code of what I do under an MIT license for everyone to use. Any code snippet found on this site is released as open-source (unless stated otherwise) and is free to copy and use as you like. Much of what i release here will also be available in code form at

Every statement is my own opinion and should not be taken as hard facts. Every piece of code published and image shown is my own creation (unless stated otherwise).

I hope you will enjoy my content and that you can learn something from me.

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