Bona Data Editor

Bona Data Editor is a Unity3D editor extension, made to simplify working with data.
Classes inheriting from ScriptableObject and MonoBehaviour can use the [BonaDataEditor]
attribute (available in the Fyrvall.BonaEditor namespace)to be exposed in the editor window.
When exposed and chosen any scriptable object instances of a given type or prefab with a specific
monobehaviour component will be displayed in the editor sorted by name, irregardless of their
location in the project folder.
Several editor instances can be open simultaneous. Searching by name among instances are supported and
next to every asset is a folder icon, allowing you to see its location in tour Unity project folder.


Namespace Fyrvall.DataEdtior

Name Description
BonaDataEditorAttribute Attribute to decorate ScriptableObjects and MonoBehaviours in the data editor.

Release notes